On August 6th, 2018, at a special event featuring Crew legend Dante Washington, Save The Crew unveiled a secret project we had spent months on. It was time for us to reveal what a new stadium could look like if it was designed with our unique history and fan base in mind.
Save The Crew's strength has always been our group’s multifaceted and diverse skill set. We often have people within our ranks who provide talents we never could’ve known we would need when this all started. This immense undertaking was a joint collaboration between architects, planners, marketers, and volunteers, all working in their spare time over 8 months and multiple states, to devise a plan to build a soccer stadium in the heart of the urban core, in the heart of the entertainment district of Columbus.
We have put painstaking detail into making this stadium plan as feasible as possible with the information available to us. We took growth and profitability into account, because we know that proper hands-on ownership (as it now appears we are set to have) can and will mean guaranteed success in this community.
And yet, we have also managed to dream big for the future.
The entire Arena District is buzzing. A yellow shirt here, a checkered flag goes by, a family in matching black and yellow kits with their last name on the back. You turn the corner and there it is. The unmistakable structure you call home reveals its majesty as you turn down Crew Legends Boulevard.
A quick scan of your smart ticket means you’re in. You’ve got some time to peruse the plaza. Maybe you head over to the futsal courts to watch some pickup games. Maybe a stroll through the club museum will take you back to the plucky days of 90s MLS all the way through the time the Crew was “saved”. And whether you need to grab some food from a locally-based vendor, or seeking out your favorite local microbrew at any one of the many bar options, or it’s finally time to get this year’s kit at the team store, everything you could want to complete your unique gameday experience is offered within the confines of Crew SC’s forever home.
No matter where your seats are, you’ll be with over 22,000 of your closest soccer friends. Off in the distance? A sweeping view of the Columbus skyline, the forever home of Crew SC
» The stadium is situated on the plot of land currently bordered by I-670 to the north, West Nationwide Boulevard to the south, a railroad to the east, and the Olentangy River to the west.
» The stadium would sit at a 30 degree angle on the Western edge of the plot, allowing for a mostly open southeast corner of the structure, offering a breathtaking view of downtown.
» Four futsal courts will be available for 24/7 public use, accessible via street parking.
» A large atrium in the southwest corner houses a team-museum, restaurant, and event venue that is open for regular business hours year-round and would also be available for private and corporate events.
The stadium offers a wide variety of seating options featured within its 22,587 capacity in order to make accommodations inclusive for the wide array of fan types that cheer on Columbus Crew SC. Whether you are taking a family, looking for a luxurious matchday experience, just looking to get in the gate to cheer, or are one of the die-hard supporters, there will be an option that works for you.
There will be no bad ticket option if you are simply looking for a great view of the game. For that extra-Instagram-ready view, seats on the west and northwest areas of the stadium offer a juxtaposition of the Columbus skyline towering right over our field.
This wide-open view of downtown Columbus through the southeast corner of stadium reflects a modern approach to having sports stadiums offer iconic, unique views that integrate them into their communities (think PNC Park in Pittsburgh or Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati). There will be no question as to where the game is being played when people watch a national broadcast from Columbus, whether it’s a Crew SC match or the next Dos-a-Cero
For full features and specs, to see the on-site practice facility, and to see additional views, download the full proposal here.
Developed By
    Save The Crew
    David Foust
    John Zidar
    Mark Vuchenich
    Donny Murray
    Tobias Roediger
    Keith Naas
    David Miller
    Shane Paulson
    Eliot McKinley
    Jonathan Staker
    Eric Nicodemus
    Rogers Krajnak Architects
    801 Creative