Take the Free 2019 Ticket Pledge
In the case that Columbus Crew SC is sold to a local investor/operator, I pledge to purchase season tickets or a multiple match plan for the 2019 Columbus Crew SC season.
By submitting this form, I consent that following the sale of Columbus Crew SC to a new local investor/operator, Save The Crew may supply my contact information to a new team operator. I also agree that Save The Crew may contact me with follow-ups and news related to the Project 2019 initiative.
Save The Crew promises to only share the personal information supplied through this form to a new local investor/operator for Columbus Crew SC following the purchase of the team. We promise that we will not share your personal information with Columbus Crew SC or MLS if the current investor/operator remains in any kind of majority ownership role or capacity. As always, we commit to keeping your data private and will not sell it.

Q: Why are you launching Project 2019?

A: We know that people want the Crew in Columbus, but aren’t terribly interested in tossing money at the team’s current investor/operator. This initiative gives everyone a chance to show the world that we will back Columbus Crew SC en masse under new local investor/operator(s). We believe that, positioned and marketed correctly, the Crew will be one of the premier teams in MLS. Project 2019 helps set the stage for the Crew’s next chapter.

Q: I’m interested in partial season tickets, should I still fill this out?

A: Yes!

Q: What if I change my mind later and am no longer interested in purchasing tickets?

A: That’s okay. This is a non-binding pledge, contingent on new ownership and you are free to change your mind at any time.

Q: How much will season tickets cost?

A: We wish we knew! In part that’s why we set this up as a non-binding pledge, there are a lot of unknowns.

Q: Can I sign up members of my family?

A: Only if you’d plan on buying tickets together as a group. The point of this isn’t to pad a bunch of stats, but to give a fresh local investor/operator the chance to get a running start on success.